Aden Prior War


In August/September 2013, I visited Aden for a first time, probably for the last as well, spending the honey moon with my wife.

Although riots it’s about to start, and grouping was near to my resident againt the government and supporting for the sepration cause, check points was almost everywhere, yet people in this divine city are incredibly nice, even though I was in the modern part, still I felt nothing but a warm welcoming for an immigrant who last visit to his country happened when he was 10 years old!

This shot taken in high place where we plan to visit one mall market. The taxi driver was more than kind to park a side and asked me to take my time “but, ensure you take a good picture please”

Like these kind of people in Aden full of them. Where’s modernity completely not crushed their humanity. War is vicious and went as disaster in Aden, looks completely ruined, my hope only, that people heart not changed.


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