Arabian Shore


Visit to Al Mukalla City August/September 2013

The Arabian Sea holds many frightened stories, many tears been shed over the years for drowned people. Found on later days.
The second day in the city, one experienced swimer have drowned ang his body got missed. Only after 30 days they found his body drifted away 22 kilometers.
It reminds me with my first visit to the city when I was 10 years old, where the Arabian Sea was most savage and bersek. There were 12 years old girl with a light blue dress playing around the sea near to sunset, in a blink of eye, a huge wave hit the shore and stole the girl infront of all of us. It like Poseiden hand went out from the sea and took her away deep, deep inside. Another hand went out from above and end up her struggling. From that day and I have a grudge over this city!

This shot took before kids jumped in swimming while setting in old traditional cafee. Unfortunately people there are paranoid and distrustful, so I couldn’t take a shot for the cafee…


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