Time Will Eventually Hang Us

Taken by Huawei P9 Plus


To think even steals can’t survive over the mysterious power of time make me feel fragile. The real wondering how to stronger from what you made?

In greek mythology, probably exactly in Prometheus myth. Thinkink about the way he tried to beat Zeus and how Zeus tries to beat him. Probably greek thoughts that’s all time influence on humans happened over a quest between both Titan and Olympic powers, where the ground base for it is human wrold.

Human was knowing no regular birth nor sentimental death. They were eating same goddess food, drinks. Within the conflicts started from creating human pair to goddess, passing to sacrifices and stealing the flame, till opening Pandora box, somehow Zues proof he was more deceive than Prometheus. That his punishments were far away influenced on human worlds than Prometheus revolution.

So, when Prometheus give the meat to human and let the Olymic gods taken the bones, Zues was aware of his deception, yet he chosen the bones. By this, he choose the parts in the sacrifices which is signified to immortality, while meats will always ends and required more to survive. Not to mention that meats need more work to have it, such slaughtering, cutting, and put on fire, which human previously never do.

It comes steal fire from Zues, and in order to beat Prometheus Zues create the first time a woman, it was all beginning men world. So after creating a woman looks same as gods such as Athena, and Aphrodite he sent it to Epimetheus brothe of Prometheus.

Epimetheus somehow is probably the only Titan or Olympic God who feels like same human. His name means literally “After thinker” and of course his brother name – Prometheus – means “fore thinker”. In every human there’s probably a collection of Prometheus and Epimetheus. More likely we are much of Epimetheus rather than Prometheus. As we are always thinking after tragedy falls on us. Anyway, Prometheus warned his brother to not accept any gifts from Olympic Gods, are they are will try to ruined human again. Once Pandora knock Epimetheus’s door immediately fall in love with her beauty. So, here it’s the flame, the savage, mortal flame which stolen by Prometheus comes again to human as punishment in Pandora shape. We must know Pandora created by Zus but it was Hephaestus the god of fire who gave her a soul.

Now this is Zus judgment as per to greek mythology, he put yhe fire in the house of men, that capable to consume men money and power, and becuse she opened the jar all diseases and death went all over the world. So death comes before birth, and to ensure Zues the eternity punishment to human race he let them starts to breed. This time judgement. A line from birth, the suffer till death !


And how to escape from all that? By creating another life, a tiny one which WORTH IT ❤




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