Boats of none workers

Taken By Nikon D3000

Yemen – Al Mukala 2013

People must stop saying to us for the things we can’t do. If you can’t see the beauty in a small single detail, don’t judge the others for the same !

In a way to fish market I stop to take a shot for rhose boats of none workers people, who tried to compete with professional fishmen and ended up with a failure with all regrets, I stand up to take the shot, and then my uncle and many cousins were mocking for  the ugly scene I’m trying to take it, I ignore them like always, and after 10 shots with many adjusting of shutter speed, Aperture, EV, and tunning the color I comes up with a satisfied photo to me. End the day when uncle saw the photo before I sent to my netbook and he was amaze and wondering how I can I see what you see? I answeeed him: “you must start to believe there’s always a beauty hidden in almost everything, we can’t see maybe beacuse we didn’t look at it well, or not ready to find it!”


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