Book and cup

OK, lets give just a small note.

It’s not about reading with coffee, it’s just for photography purpose. 

I’m not usually read with a cup coffee or anything, there’s no special ritual reading for me. Whatever found the time and the place I open the book.

Apparently I choose the compensation of book and coffe to shoot the photos below by my mobile, Huawei P9 Plus, just because of the spread culture that attaching coffee with reading as a mark of cultured human. I’m just using it to give a good impact to the viewer while checking the photos.

One of the main points for the first book in the first photo, is explaining how the readers/viewers would also affect the book/photo/painting/film… Is what they identify it from imotion while reading/seeing it at tgat time. Previously culture was focusing on the artist as he is the producer of the beauty, then later on also the others affect this line of beauty by producing different meaning to subjects. That’s why you old scripts/photos/paintings…etc. Still alive even after many decades passed!

The beauty that not move something in you, like I said, either you’re not ready for it, or just not interesting to you anymore. So think of the others. 

So think of the culture, while you do something, it might helps you.

Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus
Huawei P9 Plus

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