Music till the end


Music for me something I breathe everyday.

How true can be simple words?

When my beautiful wife surprised me with this headphone, I remembered my old days where music was almost the only joy we have. We run it in cassette, like this headphone attached to one red recorder, I have fight too many to have it. I used to close the room and listen in the dark, completely dark. I hear no sounds but music, I see no light only what colorize the instruments that raged in my ears…

Music was my only constant in life. Where everything changed or I always left, it continues led my way in leaving old, catching new, in my gloomy days, my almost happy short times, and silent moments.

So, here I’m locked myself, again, in a room, listening now to Mark Knopfler playing “Going Home” to resemble my coming. Yes, I remembered. I remembered the many hours spent alone where headphone my companion. I remembered the joy of finding new record, or a music I heard a thousand times find it now different…

Can we draw a life line from our music list?


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