Happy Eid everyone ❣️

It’s true that girls are the joy of the eid!


Music till the end


Music for me something I breathe everyday.

How true can be simple words?

When my beautiful wife surprised me with this headphone, I remembered my old days where music was almost the only joy we have. We run it in cassette, like this headphone attached to one red recorder, I have fight too many to have it. I used to close the room and listen in the dark, completely dark. I hear no sounds but music, I see no light only what colorize the instruments that raged in my ears…

Music was my only constant in life. Where everything changed or I always left, it continues led my way in leaving old, catching new, in my gloomy days, my almost happy short times, and silent moments.

So, here I’m locked myself, again, in a room, listening now to Mark Knopfler playing “Going Home” to resemble my coming. Yes, I remembered. I remembered the many hours spent alone where headphone my companion. I remembered the joy of finding new record, or a music I heard a thousand times find it now different…

Can we draw a life line from our music list?

How we would describe a joy?
For me I could not. I would feel it only. It’s true kids holding all world joy in their smiles. It’s true that once you leave you childhood you miss the joy. It’s true that every time we grow up, unknown fear growing with us, and take it from us. And it’s true inside anyone there’s a child ready to awake again.

So, excuse me friends, if I was a bit childish with my daughter during her birthday. Judge me or not, it makes no difference with me. But to be honest I was having fun the same way my Athena did. We were screaming together, shouting all out loud together, and in the end we made unforgotten day ever!
and that’s what we said every year. Because I know, one year, my child will grow up, and her fears grow along with her. The same fun, the same joy, we will miss again.
We recognize ourselves when see it through a mirror, then we forget it quickly, another awaken happened when we see our pictures, but the same way we forgot ourselves again. I think Nietzsche said that once, and I believe it’s true as well!

With all my heart, I love you my dear Athena!

Along side the road

Autumn Falls

I remember earlier in my beginning of photography (don’t be confused, I will always Amateur) I was doing some series and call is along side the bridge, earlier before I start driving. It was wonderful days, I keep my cam (digital/DSLR) with me all the time. But now days too lazy, and very little time to fix any photo. So the dust covered my DSLR. However, mobile cam doing good job, but less fun than DSLR. I think the more we get tired to get something, the bigger chance to felt it all, and appreciate the moment of results. Mobile’s cam now making everything more easier, and with my DSLR, it was much difficult. No one was suspect the time the effort to get one good shot. I was running everything in manual. Even the lens I got not working with auto focus, and the most annoying thing it was that I only like the natural light, I despite the “fake” lights from flashes. Probably this believes crossed my life through reading experience, from a book or two, or through the experience I faced from dim lights, and how we shuts off windows and prevent sunlight enter our life, all this because of “virtue” !

I drifted away like always!

This photo taken while jogging, here’s I admit nothing good but your mobile to capture such an expected scene. Road was in my left, so I’m expecting drivers passes me and says, what a crazy fella ! 🙂
It’s very few times that we felt the autumn here, therefore I want this to be remembered…

Athena as a Star

Athena as a Star

What I can say, she got the charisma.

In the few times that Athena fully enjoyed of the day without disturbing, she found this star and jumped inside doing all the moves that she can remember. As always, I let all kids be free and all they want by keep a distant between me and them, then I took the shot. Here Huawei’s camera will not let you down. With right angle and right opetions I figured out that beautiful girl will come to the center, and she never let me down.

Athena my girl, if you one day grow up and see these posts, I hope you know that you are always my shining star in this dark world and time.

And I would says like Kiven Costner says in the movie Molly’s Game to his daughter:

“I’m your father

Trying to comprehend how much I love you, would be like, trying to visualize the size of the universe.”

Internet Face

I believe the more technology advance we achieve, the more easier to hide our ugliness.

We were faces that we would like people to see, and take a line of events that proof our aim smoothly. While the monster inside us crouch silently to the surface. Till one day when everything will expose, we will live in denying, and the monster creep will shows our hidden face. We are creatures of habit, we fed from ugliness and hurt, ablnd our claimed beauty it just a shallow. We are hollow all the time and fed our emptiness with anything far from our reality.

We are shy to be us !

Instead technology becomes a tool, it start to possess our personality. As Nietzsche says; if you start looking to abyss, the abyss will start looking at you. Without our control we are pushed to be something we are not. like a novel, the writer sometime have no control of his own characters and drove him in a places that he don’t want.

So how’s this affecting our kids?!

The real her

In a world that push us to be something else, our failure having affect ourselves, and instead we support the individuality of one kid, we go and restrictive him to be same as others. That’s eventually, with/without our notice, will kill creativity for one kid. We creating a robot over a human!

Yes we do… Yes we sadly do !