Future Reader…

Taken By LG G3

One of the challenges I have with Athena, is how I can motivate her to be a reader like me.

I start loving reading in very late age, as there were no family member to motivate me which she also starts late as well. I remember one time I was reading a serial science fiction stories in weekends only. It was interesting stories so I was able to finish one book daily. My father suspicious that probably having some sexuality topics among it so he took it from me and later on band it. Although he was a reader, but suspicious it’s a common act among the family, in order protecting the children from outer world. From that time till around 8 years I left reading, then I come back when my sister gave me Dostoevsky “Brothers Karamazov”. As of now I have over 1200 books among my collection.
Here Athena take one book for Joyce and set next to me and open the book and act like her father 😊❤



Taken By Nikkon D3000

Yemen 2013…

This sea to me is a horror and nothing more. Many frighten stories shared to me about this nature cold blood killer. Yet you can find stubborn kids tries to goes against it and jump deep into it. Courage sometimes refere to reckless acts.This probably defined the people in that area towards the nature.

Near to sunset while checking a seasonal cold water moves runs towards the sea, my gear always ready for something and waited for a shot, after adjusting the color to rich the orange sky which reflect on the sea, my beloved Nikkor 50mm proofs no lense I have can beat it, even though I have to go always by manual with it.

Taken By Nikkon D3000

2013 in Yemen.

Once I show my gear they all got interested and jump infront of me to take their picture. I will always amaze by the people who can acept them self while seeing it in photo and request another. I hope I can do the same for myself.

Once they notice I can get somehow good pictures compare to mobile camera, a line up from kids relatives and neighbors, which I don’t know, request me to take picture after serious of photos I got this happy face.