Taken By Huawei P9 Plus

My sister says one time to me, wherever color you tune you will never pass black and white. It will always catch your eyes first, and always a possible choice to you. It probably reflects your look to life.

Somehow I don’t disagree with her, no matter how many times I’ve been funny and optimistic the night falls and all my fears comes to the surface. Still, the black here works just fine and lovely with the old decorations in Paul.

Huawei P9 Plus dual camera, I just fall in love with you 😍

Taken By Huwei P9 Plus

It’s quiet strange to me to have a gift for my birthday, more likely not usual to celebrate for my birth.

In a society that’s we raised in it believes it’s wrong to have a birthday celebration, stops us to see ourself and where we stands.

So tonight my wife decided to take me to a visit to Paul and hide a gift for me while she choosing desert with our coffee. The man comes showing me his back only, and suddenly start smiling and singing the happy birthday song, while holding my wife gits on a plate. I was shocked really, while very few things can shcked me, but suddenly, there were some strange acts and questions from my wife, everything becomes connected and holds finally the meaning of it. Strange, how’s the unmeaning acts becomes meaningful when just a simple fact revels.

Years and years past and tonight I can say how wonderful being life, and like the movie “Hello Dolly” when Michael Crawford says: “isn’t life full of wonderful things?” 

Thanks dear Arwa, and for being as yourself I love you more ❤