Nikkon D3000

Al Mukalla – Yemen, 2013
I couldn’t sleep at night, my new journey is about to end. The next day I have to leave my wife, we just married, nothing was right !

I took my gear nearly 5:00 AM, and leave the room, and go back of hotel. There’s a beautiful shore setting there, I didn’t know what I might found, so I pull all my equipments. Between many good photos I took, this one was interested me more.

In a long walkway along the shore, build I believe for fishers, I wash the crabs running front of me, too fast to catch. The I Saw the boats out for fishing, and there’s one boat above all, sailing lonely. I noticed no fishers run near to him, and I assumed it’s a place where there no fish in it at all. In somehow remind me with the story for Hemingway; Old Man And The Sea. How this fighting the power of the nature and trying to conquer it.

I hope he not end up like the story 😞


P.S to myself: you were also that day  empty and lonely. You were same like this fisherman. Seeing yourself against the world !


Since we’re almost alone in the beach, I have find the time to take some photos with no fear of people judgment. As well there were no fear for Athena, so I let her go around alone and play with no boundaries or saying no. Except once when she ate sands :/

It was a beautiful day. I missd to take my cam, but in somehow Huawei P9 Plus fullfil my needs well.

Taken By Huawei P9 Plus

The first experience for the beach, a something that she will be aware of it next time. She played with sandes and jump into the slides. 

I took the shoot while she first getting amazed for the place then recognized it’s a place for fun, then she started clapping for happiness ! 

Huawei P9 Plus proof more and more that capable taking good photos, that can be really printed to memorized 

Taken By Nikon D3000

Yemen – Al Mukala 2013

People must stop saying to us for the things we can’t do. If you can’t see the beauty in a small single detail, don’t judge the others for the same !

In a way to fish market I stop to take a shot for rhose boats of none workers people, who tried to compete with professional fishmen and ended up with a failure with all regrets, I stand up to take the shot, and then my uncle and many cousins were mocking for  the ugly scene I’m trying to take it, I ignore them like always, and after 10 shots with many adjusting of shutter speed, Aperture, EV, and tunning the color I comes up with a satisfied photo to me. End the day when uncle saw the photo before I sent to my netbook and he was amaze and wondering how I can I see what you see? I answeeed him: “you must start to believe there’s always a beauty hidden in almost everything, we can’t see maybe beacuse we didn’t look at it well, or not ready to find it!”


Taken By Nikkon D3000

Yemen 2013…

This sea to me is a horror and nothing more. Many frighten stories shared to me about this nature cold blood killer. Yet you can find stubborn kids tries to goes against it and jump deep into it. Courage sometimes refere to reckless acts.This probably defined the people in that area towards the nature.

Near to sunset while checking a seasonal cold water moves runs towards the sea, my gear always ready for something and waited for a shot, after adjusting the color to rich the orange sky which reflect on the sea, my beloved Nikkor 50mm proofs no lense I have can beat it, even though I have to go always by manual with it.