Taken by Huawei P9 Plus

It seems sometimes meaningless when attaching a song to some products.

I can’t see how’s both, Elton John’s song & Samsung S8, attached​!
Anyway, although I’m not big fan of Samsung phons, but I do appreciate the kind left of the “Rocket Man” when he took Athena near to him and hi 5 her!

In same time I took my phone to take the photo. Nothing like wide angle option as the background can be distracted the viewer so I need to blur it as much as possible to be Bokeh photos. Even though Athen dress and white color of Rocket Man are not matching at all, and with dim light all colors looks poor and disturbin. So the black and white was the best option to go for it. Meanwhile my wife was trying to keep Athena alert to camera and interested to the photo, so regardless where she look, there were no time to go better angle, as many kids comes quickly to meet Rocket Man.
Funny! It looks like I’m advertising to Samsung by taking photo from Huawei 😉

Since we’re almost alone in the beach, I have find the time to take some photos with no fear of people judgment. As well there were no fear for Athena, so I let her go around alone and play with no boundaries or saying no. Except once when she ate sands :/

It was a beautiful day. I missd to take my cam, but in somehow Huawei P9 Plus fullfil my needs well.

Taken By Huawei P9 Plus

The first experience for the beach, a something that she will be aware of it next time. She played with sandes and jump into the slides. 

I took the shoot while she first getting amazed for the place then recognized it’s a place for fun, then she started clapping for happiness ! 

Huawei P9 Plus proof more and more that capable taking good photos, that can be really printed to memorized 

Taken By Huawei P9 Plus

I keep notice small things on my daughter. As she always keep running​ all around and discovering the places. It’s veey rare that she walked silently when she amazed. In this situation the door opened for the mall and strong winds hit her, she’s stopped and removed her sunglass by herself, as weather was cloudy. Non one have taught her this, and then walked slowly, silently. I took my phone – Huawei P9 Plus – there was no time to choose a mode or something, so I go with​ choice of wide angle, and get down on my knees in front of everyone. While my wife saying “get up! You and your daughter are embarrassment!” But who knows when I will have this chance again. So while she’s feeling the winds and looked wondering in the man front, I took my shot. It seems that she walking into something, her eyes still, and walk confident that tiny thing.

Later on she reached to the stairs and pointed to the clouds in the sky. She probably like her father, fond with the unlimited shapes that the clouds can be!